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You can load the BB Americas Bank prepaid card with up to 12 different currencies and have them ready to use abroad, without worrying about currency exchange or carrying multiple cards.

Prepaid Cards Solutions for
your Specific Needs.

Built Just for You

Specially designed to accompany you during your studies abroad, travels and business trips.

Load Funds

Just register any bank account and transfer funds to your prepaid card through the online portal.

Transfer Funds

The best solutions to achieve your financial goals.

Friends & Family Sharing

Transfer and receive money from fellow Prepaid Card Holders.

Manage Notifications

Set how - and when - you're alerted when your card is used.

Customer Support

Realize the potential of your card with our deep resources and customer support.

Hold All Your Currencies in One Place

BB Americas Bank Prepaid card lets you hold these 12 currencies on your card: EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, WON, YEN, BRL, SEK, DKK, CHF, NOK, USD.

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One Card For All Your
Financial Needs!

  • Access Currency Wallet

    Shop and make payments in multiple currencies using currency wallets

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Simplify your life by using one card for multiple payment options

  • Highly Customizable

    Personalize your card, according to your needs, through the online portal

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    Contact your i2c Card Customer Service anytime, from anywhere

  • Stay Up-to-date

    Receive transaction alerts every time you use your card

  • Secure Card Activity

    Your card transactions are secured with the 3DS technology

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